Reader design dilemma

Drum roll, please!
This marks the beginning of a new feature on this blog. Every week, I will select a "color dilemma" submission from a reader, and post it with my professional opinion. I'd love it if you all weigh in with your advise and ideas, too. Topics can range from interior issues to branding your small business. So send in your question and photos, and let the fun begin!

This question submitted by Ruth in Israel. She brings up some excellent points, so I will break it up into several posts in order to more fully address each aspect. unfortunately, she's not in her new house yet, so no pics. So we'll have to use our imagination...

Part I
I should be moving into a new apartment soon. I wanted the apartment to be calm and soothing, but I also wanted it to be warm and inviting. When I think of calm and soothing, I usually think of minimal, zen and cool colours. But when I think of warm and inviting, I think of something full of lots of books, paintings, cushions and very warm colours. These two things seemed to be at cross purposes, until I finally figured out a colour scheme. I want to use cream as my neutral colour, chocolate brown, mossy green, and orange. I think this is relaxing, yet warm.

My question is, what goes where?
I'll be buying a new sofa, painting the walls. I might wallpaper one wall. I might buy a rug for the living room. I will be completely gutting and redoing the bathroom. I have no idea, as of yet, how to carry that colour scheme out anywhere, i.e. which of my colours should go on the floor, which on the rug, which on the sofa what colour tiles for the bathroom walls etc. Any thoughts?
I would stick to a neutral, timeless color for this piece if it is an investment that you hope to have around for many years. Something simple and clean. Colors you love today might bore you 5-10 years from now, or look dated. So, with a neutral base, like cream, you can dress it up and change it around with throw pillows. (July’s House and Garden magazine has a great article on changing the look and feel of your sofa based on the pillows and other accessories around it)

As for walls, and how to determine what goes where, think about this:
It's important to consider your contrasts in light and dark. If it's too harsh, with stark darks and lights, then this can be hard on the eyes. Like-wise, if the contrast is too low between lights and darks, it's too monotonous. Your eye perceives how much light is reflected off a surface, so the choice of where to put a dark color, and where to put a light color is important. In places like Sweden, it seems everyone has a light blonde wood floor. But personally, I feel more grounded in spaces where the floor is darker and feels heavier. As for the placement of colors, if you send some images along, we could get into more specifics.