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What do you think of color design reality shows?

Head over to Bossy Color's blog for a guest post I wrote for her on "Covering the Spectrum with 'Color Confidential' "

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Musings on Color

This is neat. Rachel Berger, a graphic designer in San Francisco, shares a project she completed during her MFA program at the Yale School of Art.
100 Colors, 100 Writings, 100 Days

Every day for one hundred days (from October 30, 2008 to February 6, 2009) she picked a paint chip out of a bag and responded to it with a short writing. The examples are her favorite forty, each writing titled with the number of the day it was written (out of 100) and the name of the color from that day’s paint chip.
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I bought my first yam this week. I wanted sweet potatoes, which sound a bit friendlier, but the store didn’t have any. The yam is quite rooty, forever looking freshly pulled from the earth — something that is born, grows, and dies in darkness. It’s bumping around my cupboard now, rolling into view when I take out the sugar canister, tin of anchovies. It’s clumsy and bulky. I rudely shove it back, out of my way, further into the darkness.

What stories would you tell about this color?

Will color win over design?

Apartment Therapy is hosting their annual color contest. As the rules state, "In October, we're looking for the most colorful, beautiful room on the planet".

Will readers do right by us this time? Last year was a complete and utter disappointment, as readers voted for the most highly-designed space, but one that really lacked much color. (certainly through no fault of AT editors, who selected some -amazing- spaces for us to vote on)

"Colorful rooms are the heart of great homes, and adding color is the most affordable way to change a room, but few feel comfortable using it. To inspire confidence and improve homes, we're inviting readers to share their colorful rooms, tips and sources. Brand new in 2009 is our Personal Color Palette, which will allow each entrants to display their own color choices."
So head over to AT and make sure that the most colorful room wins this time!

Parlour Magazine

This was a cover I did for Parlour Magazine. I believe Lauren from Mousy Browns did the hair and Ashley Champagne shot it.  Kelty from Mode did styling and the model was Sam Ypma from Mode Models

Unlimited Shoot

This shoot was for Unlimited Magazine and was shot at the Chateau Louis Hotel, Edmonton. It was photographed by 3Ten Photography, models were Chad Helm, Sam Ypma, Lesley Swerden, Mariah Tang, all from Mode Models and styling by Erin Payne.


Tina and I shot a quick little beauty creative with Joelle Tang who I believe was represented by Mode at the time but is now independently represented. Erin Payne was kind enough to pull some clothes for us.


We shot Courtney from Mode in her parents home which was quite possibly the coolest home I've ever seen.  Malorie styled and Tina shot this super cool, super romantic shoot.


This is Hailey Poole from Mode, hands down my favorite model ever. Not just because she is gorgeous, but because she is truly a fantastic person.  We shot this in an abandoned office building downtown.  Erin Payne was kind enough to style and Tina shot this of course.  I really enjoyed this shoot.


We shot this on a VERY cold winter afternoon, but Leila from Mode was a trooper and handled it really well.  Tina shot this and lit it beautifully, and of course Malorie styled it. I really love this shoot!


We shot Janelle from Mode at the Timms Centre, and almost got kicked out a couple of times...which is half the fun...I guess? Malorie did some pretty rad space age styling, Lauren from Mousy Browns was on hair and Tina shot it.


This was a really fun shoot that we did in a dentists office with Gloria from Mode Models Tina shot this and Malorie styled.


This is Evan from Mode Models, and like most male models, he's pretty hot. Anyhoo, Tina shot this in the studio with some really cool lighting and gels. Really dig the lighting here. Malorie styled of course and it was super duper fun.


Oh man oh man oh man. Totally forgot how much I loved this shoot. This was Candace from Mode and we shot her in studio.  Tina shot this of course and Malorie did an amazing job of styling with beautiful, flowy fabrics.  We used A LOT of the wind machine this day...totally worth it.

Paul Green

This is Paul Green...I know right...totally hot.  Tina shot this in studio and Mode was kind enough to lend him to us for a couple of hours.He ended up wearing his own clothing which turned out pretty sweet. I'm not super sure of the exact details but I know that Paul is doing super well in Hollywood.  Super badass.


This is Victoria from Mode, shot by Tina Chang and I believe styling was also done by Tina. This was just a quick little creative in Tina's apartment because Victoria was leaving for Singapore right away I believe.


Top five most favorite creatives of all time ever...EVER! We shot Paige from Mode Models in this super rad house by the University. Tina Chang shot this and Malorie Urbanovitch styled.  Awesomeness.


This shoot was done in the Fine Arts building at the U of A about 3 years ago. Still one of my favorites! Tina Chang shot this, and Malorie Urbanovitch styled.  We used Sam from Mode Models and she was and is super rad to work with.


Also a couple of years ago, we shot in Tina's brothers backyard using the very beautiful Anna and Michael from Mode  Very fun and highly per usual. Tina Chang photographed these shots and Malorie styled.