Latest Stir article live: Colors of Cirque Du Soleil

My latest article with Stir magazine is up!
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This time, I delve into the colorful world of Cirque du Soleil. The show Totem is coming to San Francisco soon- is it any good? I try not to miss a single show when they come to town.

What's your favorite show? What were the colors like?

Magazine issue dedicated to global color

I am popping in to share with you an awesome magazine (available as print subscription), Hand/Eye. I'm constantly peppered by press releases in my inbox, mostly snooze-worthy notices about bathroom sinks or concrete products. I know some of you get very excited about the above, but I've got a fairly one-track mind; it's gotta have -something- to do with color. Here was one that really caught my attention!

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Founder and editor Keith Recker explains his inspiration for this issue, "[I have] conviction that color is a profound cultural phenomenon – a sort of illustrated layering of both poetry and prose about the needs and aspirations of us complex human beings. HAND/EYE’s 06/Global Color issue is look at the shifting landscape of color around the world today...All of the stories in 06/Global Color give us insight into the symbolic import of color across diverse cultures. And in some cases, we get a glimpse of how our view of specific colors is changing right before our eyes."

Topics covered in 06/Global Color include: the dark side of sunny yellow; red as protection, purity, dignity and honor; and indigo the color of love. Each carefully researched article touches upon a different color, delving into it's significance, be it cultural, historical, or otherwise.

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"for all of yellow’s belligerence, it collapses when faced with a drop of black to tone it. The radiance flickers out and leaves a hesitant husk in its wake. Yellow’s dirty little secret is that it’s a pussy of a color." So naughty. So true.

I chuckled at this quote, too:
"No offense to ecru, ivory, chalk, alabaster, or the fairest of them all, Snow White, but the nuances in differing shades of everyone’s favorite non-color are completely lost on us. The only white thing in our apartment is the milk in the fridge. "(source)
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Global color covers Ghana, Macedonia, South Asia, Cambodia, Australia, Morocco, Guatemala, India, Brazil, and more. It's an fascinating glimpse into the complexity of color and it's cultural significance.

Each issue of Hand/Eye is different. The next will be PERU and focusing on the textiles, craft, history, and colors deep within this beautiful country. You can purchase a subscription to Hand/Eye magazine, or you can also sign up to receive four weekly ezine articles at no cost.

A Must read!