Some of my favourite images from Walker art gallery, Liverpool.

Lucien Freud – ‘Interior at Paddington,’ 1951.
The man in the image is Harry Diamond a well known photographer of the bourgeois London 60’s scene and Freud’s friend. I like that even though he is a close companion he captures him as wearing an ill fitting coat, mood of depression and anxiety by clenched fist and how he is focused on the plant which seems out of proportion to himself as though he is self consumed in his own feelings. I feel there is a comical element to the image of Freud denoting his friend as a moody, self consumed character.
Harold Gilman- ‘Mrs Mounter,’ 1916/17.
This image is of his landlady Mrs Mounter she is represented as a specific real character and is not glamorised in the process, the use of colour I like as is a balanced composition of her face against background I feel that the colours all blend nicely together to accurately represent Mrs Mounter in her own surroundings. Also the use of thick brush strokes re-immerse that she is a real character and is not highly staged to appear neat and exact but in true likeness to the character.
Paul Cezanne – ‘The murder,’ 1868.
Cezanne was an important figure in abstract art and cubism movement but this is an example of his earlier work I like how it is so different to his later work it is as his use of dark subject matter of anonymous violence as cannot see attackers faces and desolate surroundings is an indicator of his mind process of his confusion of trying to determine his style and his turmoil over the process by his blurred background and thick brush strokes used of bodies which is so different to his later style.
Frederick Sandys – ‘Helen of Troy,’ 1867.
This image I love as is an example of the Pre Raphaelite favoured style of beauty of her rosy cheeks, full lips and pale complexion. I think it is slightly humorous as well by her sullen and guilty expression by her eyes being out of focus it is as she is withholding a secret glimpse at someone, she was described as having fatal beauty which I feel this image represents by the juxtaposition of her sullen expression versus her features it is as the burden of being so beautiful comes at an expense.
Paulus Bor – ‘Mary Magdalene,’ 1630-39.
I think this image is dramatic, theatrical and emotional by the use of strong lighting effect above her head to illuminate her face of the repentant sinner. The use of colours and her posture all work by encapsulating on the story behind the image and it made me have an emotional sad response as you feel for her, it is very typical of the dramatic style of Baroque era.
The little artists, John Cake and Daniel Neave, ‘Hirst’s shark tank,’ 1994 and ‘Emin’s bed,’ 1999.

The conceptual artists Lego representations of Hirst’s and Emin’s work I feel is comical and a light-hearted reprimand to the effect of art as a commodity as is a humorous look at the power of the original art work and is showing how art is now a commodity.

Birgit Dieker, ‘Bad Mummy,’ Blue coat Liverpool.

Birgit Dieker 2005 sculpture ‘Bad Mummy’ was showcased as part of DaDaFest at Bluecoat in Liverpool the theme of the exhibition is questioning what it means to be perceived as normal and the codes of looking we establish in creation of a system of ideals that we as a society measure ourselves against.
‘Bad Mummy’ is a solid black leather form of a pregnant woman with obtrusive spiked pins and needles. The use of dark leather is symbolic as it is normally classified as fetishistic material so it is questioning the opposing ideals of sexual fantasies and motherhood. Leather also has associations with bondage and sexual dominance/submission so by being a pregnant limbless woman it raises the question that once a woman has given birth is she now just supposed to be submissive to her child at the cost of her own freedom and self identity.

‘Bad Mummy’ also works I feel in its setting it is perched high on metal stool and in the corridor against the white wall it connotes a feeling of aloneness as well as strength  of its impact on the passing visitor.

Nice-looking The Fashion Impact of custom buckles custom Tailor made Buckles

Have you actually felt that anything was custom buckles custom missing through your wardrobe Maybe you dressed on the proverbial nines for the night on the city but anything just wasn t excellent . aid in supplying the finishing contact to the two males s and ladies s apparel which is the reason substantial excellent and artistic buckles are proposed to any one in search of to make an excellent fashion assertion. When you cannot area your finger on that missing ingredient, you realize that some thing definitely is lacking. Aside from wearing them around their necks, in addition they wore them using a pin as brooches, as earrings, or even as rings

Current Girls Watch Fashion

Currently, very good watches intended for women are always updated along with the introduction of recent versions and kinds. Paper dolls started to seem inside the retail industry, which came with minimal paper attire to clip for the paper doll forwards and backwards. For the people in like a quandary, listed here is usually a minor guidance appear towards tailor made buckles as being the solution to your fashion woes.

Costumer Eye glasses Regarding Stylish and trendy Wearers


Short wedding ceremony gowns have many functions that make them more useful to have on than fuller duration types. There are a number of solutions to the on line procuring and you will essentially get all of the fashion stuffs on the web, in case you wish. The most effective amid them are extend bracelets which form a perfect in shape for every one s hand.

White still stays in form. They may get started to look dull and tedious to you in that scenario. Skirt lengths are creeping upwards in youthful and younger youngsters s clothing. Tea size wedding ceremony attire also display additional in depth wedding ceremony footwear. Teens really should dress based on their age to be able to retain their exuberance and cheerfulness. Also, you'll find balloon designs that bring back the seem in the fifties and sixties. You might not understand it but what you dress in can have an effect on your potential to obtain raises and promotions.

Costumer Eye glasses Regarding Stylish and trendy Wearers

. Numerous hemp necklaces or bracelets are decorated with colored beads or crystals. I have seen a lot of girls carrying it and that i will need to let you know that it seems really cute on teenage higher education likely girls. Dressed like a Xmas Tree Overdressing

People usually wear accessories this kind of as men s watches, earrings and bracelets as declaration items. I used to be pretty mature for my age, you realize the catty frame of mind between females I compensated no attention mainly because my organization have been normally handsome younger adult males who had been capable of carrying intelligent conversation. The relatives owned organization that engineered the Lutterloh program remains to be in business these days. Not usually could you believe in them for an genuine viewpoint. When the governing consider the look on the belts can be a impression of artistry, they will likely undoubtedly not be gaudy.

An empire reduce dress contains a superior waistline

An empire reduce dress contains a superior waistline that generally starts slightly below the bust that generally starts slightly below the bust . Alternatively, they will be provocative and appealing.

Contemporary Welsh Artists

Welshness as a theme conjures for me imagery of a rich cultural history and landscape which work by juxtaposing against one another creating a mythical dream like imagery, connoting the hardness of the industrial past coupled with majestic scenery

Contemporary Welsh art is unifying the past and landscape but also cementing that as the past in becoming more visual in display techniques not to just display history of Wales but also its innovative techniques.

Lois Williams - 'A reconstructed thing'

This has many connotations for me the way it is hung on the wall in equal distances from one another suggests the conformity of the past with its draping down and becoming more thread bare it reflects hanging onto past routes which are systematically falling away through time. I like how you can visually become part of the history of the production and its effect over time as metamorphosing into something which was not how maker intended, which is symbolic of holding onto Welsh national past.

Huw Jones - 'Tom Jones,' oil on canvas

The surrealist quality of the image appeals to me by choosing to portray Tom Jones an iconic Welsh personality it gives a comical approach it has a hyper-real quality by the displacement of background it is as he is floating, it looks Margritte inspired. I enjoy how the only real life like of the image is portrayed in Tom Jones face it is as he is laughing at the absurdity of his surroundings and his pposition as celebrity position, it acts as comical metaphor for the increaseness of the role of Celebrity importance played in society.

Tim Long - 'Dyffryn 1'

The initial reading I take is the connotation of subverted ugliness versus beauty balance as by the placement of displayed face against an aesthetically pleasing background of flowers it is challenging the notion of how we analyse beauty and the collage 3D effect of the face is demanding attention against background, it is as the subverted face is challenging the person reaching towards the flowers. For me his mix of colours works by blending the piece together but the redness in the face is obtrusive and reflects to viewer a harshness that remains behind our perceived values of what constitutes as beauty.

Going for Gold

With the Olympics in full swing and the United States leading in medals, we’re gold OBSESSED here at NL Collective Group. But gold isn’t just for Ryan Lochte to wear around his (perfectly chiseled) chest. It’s for us girls, too! Metallic is always a must, but gold especially is shimmering all over runways, fashion showrooms, retail stores, everywhere lately, not to mention the 2012 Olympics in London! It’s an international takeover! Every outfit can use some glitter and gold, whether it’s a little or a lot, it’s up to you. Gold is glam and perfect for branding and marketing to everyone, no matter what your style is. It can obviously be dressed up for a glossy look, or dressed down, like in a pair of gold jeans or leggings. Mix it up with your hair and makeup too, and be a golden girl in a more subtle way. Industry powerhouses and leaders of the fashion business Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen have all gone for the gold, sending enchanting ensembles down the runway. Luxury brand Ready to Fish sported some gold pieces in their latest collection. We’re loving the gold cropped Jamisen jacket and the Gold Pave pants. Be glam and go for the gold!


Alexander McQueen

Runway Hair

Ready to Fish

Ready to Fish

Ryan Lochte