Going for Gold

With the Olympics in full swing and the United States leading in medals, we’re gold OBSESSED here at NL Collective Group. But gold isn’t just for Ryan Lochte to wear around his (perfectly chiseled) chest. It’s for us girls, too! Metallic is always a must, but gold especially is shimmering all over runways, fashion showrooms, retail stores, everywhere lately, not to mention the 2012 Olympics in London! It’s an international takeover! Every outfit can use some glitter and gold, whether it’s a little or a lot, it’s up to you. Gold is glam and perfect for branding and marketing to everyone, no matter what your style is. It can obviously be dressed up for a glossy look, or dressed down, like in a pair of gold jeans or leggings. Mix it up with your hair and makeup too, and be a golden girl in a more subtle way. Industry powerhouses and leaders of the fashion business Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen have all gone for the gold, sending enchanting ensembles down the runway. Luxury brand Ready to Fish sported some gold pieces in their latest collection. We’re loving the gold cropped Jamisen jacket and the Gold Pave pants. Be glam and go for the gold!


Alexander McQueen

Runway Hair

Ready to Fish

Ready to Fish

Ryan Lochte