Politically Correct

Dear Hillary Clinton,
While we may not agree with all of your policies, we can’t even hide it anymore: we love your wardrobe. You’ve undoubtedly become a fashion icon in the political world (move over Jackie O), and your signature colorful pantsuits are as androgynous as you are. Watch out Prada and Yves Saint Laurent, pantsuits will never be the same, and they’re popping up all over runways, fashion showrooms, and retail stores everywhere. And what a bold choice, Hil. You’ve really proved that you ain’t no stay-at-home trophy wife (we know you hate those) in those loose-fitted blazers and impeccably ironed slacks. We also love your gallant hairstyle; the term “coiffed to perfection” wouldn’t even do it justice. Fashion bloggers such as The Man Repeller are copping your look, as well as luxury brand Blake Andrews. We’re just gonna throw this out there Hillary, if you like it you can take it, if not, just throw it right back. We’d like to further address you as the First Lady… of Rainbow Pantsuits. Respect. So just keep doing your thing, never fire your stylist and please never run out of hair wax. Oh, and Hil? This goes without saying, but you look wayyyyy better than Lewinsky. That’s for damn sure.

Hillary Clinton


Yves Saint Laurent

Man Repeller

Blake Andrews

Thanks for letting us do a guest post DougRoss@Journal!!!