Fantastic website color analysis

I subscribe to many site feeds, which I then try to slog through every so often, looking for gems of color news to share with you all.
One blog that never lets me down is Design Meltdown, by Patrick McNeil. Essentially a web designer critiquing and categorizing websites. Fascinating stuff.

His article on using pink on websites caught my eye. Here's a snippet from the article:
Some colors appeal to certain demographics; some have universal appeal; some are trendy; others are boring; but pink is the one color that when used well just makes me a jealous designer. Somehow this color can just ooze with style and elevate a site to an aesthetic other wise not possible. I love how this presumably feminine color can cut across the sex barrier and appeal to men and women alike.

One example of such a terrific site is SheUnlimited. This pink and black site is just beautiful. Looking at this site I can't help but wish I had come up with it. It is so refined, elegant, and just plane tasty. One great lesson to learn from this site is how much a wrapper for content can influence your expected response to the content. Without so much as reading a sentence I presume the content to be inelegant and well thought out; I don't expect flippant sloppy articles. The ability to shape expectations is tremendous and can ultimately lend to the success of a site. (source)

Then he goes on to show examples of other sites that use pink, but in very different ways, with very different effects. If you are ever looking for inspiration to design a website, or just get an idea of the slick sites out there, you should definitely check it out...

There is such a variety of sites to see here, you can really get a feel for the diverse messages the medium can communicate through color on a computer screen. How many of you thought about what the color on your blog or personal website says about you?