In the pink...building, that is

Umbra, the well-known Canadian brand of contemporary and affordable products for the home, has a flagship store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (edited for clarification)
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This is an example of a "brand experience" store, similar to Nike or M&M's stores.
The exterior is wrapped in translucent pink cladding, while the interior is sleek, minimal and white.
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Attached on the three street-facing sides of the outer shell is a cladding that John Shnier, project architect, calls a "pink veil." To get technical for you architects and engineers, the sub-structure Unistrut frame is a multichannel system of extruded polycarbonate panels. Not that I have the foggiest idea what that means, but there it is.

I like this: the architect calls the pink panels "architectural sunglasses". He waxes poetic, "It hides and enhances, is mysterious and seductive, and projects the brand's presence." The panels are curved to catch the light and reflect a soft pink glow into the interior. The 300 strips of translucent polycarbonate are installed over the glass walls, and at night embedded LEDs turn everything pink.
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Why pink? "It's a fashion color," Shnier points out. "In addition, we had to differentiate the Umbra building from the gray-tone exterior materials used for the skin of the high-rise condo that was being constructed right next door."(source)

Okay, so it's a fashion color. But I thought this was a home furniture and accessories store, right? They sell contemporary products, ranging from picture frames to kitchenware, window treatments to bathroom basics, and hardware to tabletop settings. I'm wondering how they decided upon pink. It certainly does stand out in the foggy grayness that often encapsulates Toronto. Kudos to them for trying something different!