Lovable Brown

My latest color article is up at decor8. This month, the feature color is brown. Holly pitched in and added some additional swanky pictures of her own and a little more text, so this piece was truly a collaborative effort. Thanks for your help, Holly!
It was a great exercise for me to find the beauty in a color I generally don't give much consideration to. In all my consulting work, I find it's definitely the color people gravitate towards- it's safe, neutral, and comforting.
photo stills from Ikea commercial

Unfortunately, without adding a little umph to all those grayed-out colors: beiges, taupes, browns, and khakis, you end up with a rather bland, depressing palette. Think about using browns to contrast against a more saturated palette, and you'll get that pop you're striving for. Is brown your safety color? What hue do you use the most of in your home?