Fun with laptops

In this age of customization, everyday products have been infused with colors to suit anyone's personal taste. Product developers have finally clued-in that people want their possessions to reflect their personalities, or at the very least, whom they would like to be. Think about all the colorful cell phones on the market- are you the type who uses a red one? Maybe chocolate is more your speed? Color is an identifier, and can act as an extension of our personalities.

Take for example, Mac products. Everyone and her grandmother has come up with accessories to go along with iPods. Just look at the myriad of different carrying cases available:
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There are armbands, wristbands, docking stations, car-adapters, you name it. I have even seen knitted iPod purses. The purpose it to provide everyone with a look that suits his or her taste.
MacBook Air has an after-market customization option for adding colors to your new laptop. Of course, this service is offered through an independent provider, ColorWare, not Apple itself.

Personally, I get a kick out of their color names and descriptions:


Abyss: A deep navy blue.
Billiard: A bright, Kelly green.
Caution: A bright canary yellow.
Cobalt: A blue with grey undertones.
Coffee: A milk chocolate brown.
Concord: A medium-shade purple… your basic purple, slightly muted.
Cotton Candy: A bright carnation pink, with hints of blue undertones.
Crush: A very bright, standard orange.
Ferrari: A bright, standard red... basically, the good old fire engine red.
Fusion: A vibrant fuchsia. Our darkest shade of pink.
Glacier: A bright blue-green.
Jade: A springtime green with slight blue undertones.
Jet Black: Standard, deep, dark black... think piano black.
Romance: A pale, baby girl pink. The lightest pink shade.
Smoke White: Standard, bright white.


Alpine: A vibrant crayon-box green.
Blaze: A slightly muted standard orange.
Blush: A medium rose pink and the 2nd darkest shade of pink (Fusion is darker).
Candy Apple: A deep, dark red. Definitely not burgundy.
Carbon Black: A standard black, lightened just a touch by the metallics. Not a grey.
Dragon: A deep forest green.
Envy: A very bright, lime green.
Hybrid: A burnt red-orange.
Gold Rush: A rich gold with noticeable, large grain flakes.
Graphite: A medium-dark grey with very fine grain flakes.
Lightning: A muted tawny yellow with slight green undertones.
Lilac: A light dusty lavender.
Midnight: Standard crayon blue, with a little pizzazz.
Mystique: A bright, royal purple.
Powder: A dusty, muted, grey-blue.
Prowler: A deep, dark purple with reddish undertones.
Sand: A bright taupe, resembles a dark beach sand.
Steel: A silver with highly noticeable, large grain flakes.
Techno: A bright, vibrant blue.
Wet: A bright light blue, almost a baby blue.
It's about time we see some color infused onto laptops, don't you agree? The site allows you to play around with how you would customize your personal laptop-give it a whirl and let us know what you designed!
image source (via Design Hole)
If I had my own laptop, and didn't share one with my husband, this is how I would decorate it.
How cool is that?!