Sexy apartment in the city

Okay, I have to admit it, I was a Sex in the City series fan. So when the movie came out, of course I was excited to re-unite with my favorite characters Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. But after seeing the movie, what wowed me weren't the Main characters, but the Secondary characters- the costumes and the sets. I almost feel like they over-shadowed the actors! Did any of you feel the same way?
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But I sure was impressed with Carrie's re-decorated apartment. Loved the blue walls. So lively, and yet sophisticated by pairing it with browns and golds. Yum.
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"We felt like she needed to grow up a little," says Lydia Marks, set decorator for "Sex and the City: The Movie." Jeremy Conway, production designer, dialed up the apartment's old pale blue walls with an intensified version, Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue. "We thought of it as bringing out her personality even more," he says.(source) I'd say it was quite successful, wouldn't you?
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How's this for before and after?
In the original show, Carrie's apartment was a grayed-out green washed with a lavender iridescent glaze. (A neat screen trick to make the walls appear less flat, and flatter skin tones by contrasting against the warm tones.) I always thought it was a bit dull for her character's personality, but it has been argued that this space was her sanctuary, and needed to be a peaceful respite from the craziness of her life (and wardrobe!) More about her apartment styling in this design break-down.
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What do you think of her updated digs? Anyone see the movie?