I hate to admit it, but I was a loyal viewer of the original Beverly Hills 90210 teen soap opera that aired in the 90's. So when the old show was revived as an "edgy spin-off" of the original show, nostalgia kicked in, and I felt compelled to check it out the other night.
Yup, just as cheesy as the first time around, but a bit more racy. I wasn't too impressed. What caught my eye were the riot of colors used in the high school interior scenes.
(I have to apologize ahead of time for the blurry screen captures; there just aren't many clear stills available online yet.)
It's understandable that producers wanted cheery, spirited backdrops for their flashy highschool students, but I can see viewers getting very bored by the same lime/chartreuse green background. It's just obnoxious enough to compete with whatever is going on in the foreground, and I found myself really distracted by it.
Not only is it in the classroom (which, by the way, is really not conducive for concentration and study), but it shows up in the cafeteria, too.
along with some other very"Romper-Room-esque" inspirations...And how crazy busy are these cafeteria shots? Almost makes you dizzy.
The palette was a little calmer in the hallway scenes, but not by much:
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(Ah, finally a clear shot!) The network station was very hush hush about the premier, and only released a few promo stills. 90210 will be on again tonight if you want to catch the day-glo colors for yourself. What did you think?