Coloring Contest 2008

Get your virtual crayons ready, it's time for some serious coloring!
Take this lovely, all-white house exterior, and give it a distinct personality, using only color.Please include a short written description of your color palette, describing the location/environment where you image the house would reside, and any inspiration or theme from which you are working.

For example, you could put the house on a tree-lined, residential street surrounded by craftsman and Victorian houses. Or, you could relocate the house to sunny Miami, Florida for a dramatically different look and feel. Maybe the owners are very into southwestern art, or prefer Scandinavian design. Or go crazy: perhaps the house is straight out of your imagination, residing in a Candy Land board game. The sky is the limit!Email me at rachel.perls [@] (remove spaces and brackets) and I will send you a layered Photoshop file with channels. Or, click on the drawing above for a larger version you can print out and color with pencils, crayons, or paint. Whatever works best for you. But remember, use only color to give this house a fresh look.You have a month and a half, 'til October 31st, to complete your color make-over. Feel free to enter as many submissions as you'd like. When you are done, email me the flattened file or scanned artwork and your written description. I'll post them as they come in so we can enjoy the amazing work you all did.How well did your color palette come together?
Does it compliment and accentuate the architecture of the house?
Does it fit into your chosen environment/scenario?
Were you creative in your solution?The prize for the winner of this contest will be a fabulous design book on color (there are so many great ones out there, I have to settle on one!)