Apartment Therapy Finalist-will you vote for me?

I submitted pics of our house for Apartment Therapy's Fall Colors Contest, and we are one of 16 finalists for the Northwest region! Since we just moved here, our house is definitely still a work in progress; it's fun to see what others have done to add color to their spaces.

Every finalist is competing head-to-head in face-off voting through a bracketed voting system.
The bracket voting for our face-off only lasts 24 hours - switching at 3:00am (EST) on Thursday morning, October 23rd.

It's up to viewers to select the 2 finalists from each category at this stage in the game, and I'd LOVE it if you'd vote for me! Remember, voting ends tomorrow, so please click here to vote today.

P.S. it's kinda challenging to login for voting, but when you click "login or register", it will take you to a random post. just scroll down to where you can comment, and sign-up there. then, it makes you sign-in, then navigate back to the voting page, where you have to refresh the screen to see the voting boxes below the images. Confusing? Yup, I agree. But appreciated? Completely.