Colour Experience Museum

This is too cool! There is a museum dedicated entirely to color, or "colour" as they spell it, in Bradford, UK. Anyone over in Britain been there?
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They have full day programs of workshops for school children. What an amazing field trip that would be. One blogger, having visited the museum, remarked that it seemed primarily aimed at school aged children, with lots of interactive elements, buttons to press, films to watch, dials to turn to make color accessible and interesting. Indeed, the museum board has decided to focus exclusively on education for schools and groups, and so is no longer open to casual visitors. Too bad, I would -love- to see this place...

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Here's just one display in the museum, showing how the world looks if you have various forms of color blindness: normal, red deficiency, green deficiency, and blue deficiency
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Here is a spectrometer, Munsell's Color Order System, designed to organize and standardize colors by hue (color), value (light to dark), and saturation (intensity of color).

There are loads of models that have been invented over the years to organize colors. My little painter's color wheel is just one of many. Just take a look:

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These charts weren't from the museum site, but I just had to share. I'm totally blown away by how many forms the organization of our color spectrum can take...

The museum site also has an extensive educational section, with topics ranging from the history of colour therapy to colour and mosaics. The site is a bit cumbersome to navigate, as you must click through seemingly-endless pages to read each article.
The museum is operated by the Society of Textile Dyers, so I would imagine it would have an extensive section on fabric dyeing.

There's lot of other fun activities hidden in the site, ranging from historical data on color vision and medieval fashion...

to a virtual coloring book. Like my fish?
It's a strange mix of hard data, more geared towards adults, and fun games for kids, and the kid in all of us. Take a look around, there's a ton to see!