Beating the doldrums in Alaska

I wanted to share with you this great story from reader Lisa in Alaska:
"I've been enjoying your blog, Hue, for the last year or so and really have enjoyed your take on color and design. I was seeking inspiration for a new color in our kitchen and finally made the leap this week. I thought you'd enjoy the change. The blue is Turkish Tile and the ivory is Decor White, both by Sherwin Williams. We are very pleased with the update, removing the 1980's era wallpaper made the room look less cluttered and the color, while deep, makes the room brighter during our long dark days in Alaska."
Here's the "before" picture of her kitchen, all decked out in 80's country charm.
Ta da! The "after" picture, totally crisp, clean, perky and SO much better! The bright blue against the warm orangy wood really pops, don't you think? (opposites on the color wheel are a sure-fire way to go) It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to cheer up a space.

Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic kitchen makeover, Lisa!