Michelle's message

What you wear can communicate a ton. Especially the colors.
Take Michelle Obama's outfit during the Inauguration ceremonies.

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She wore a lemongrass-hued dress and coat ensemble with matching green gloves and green patent leather pumps.

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The colors certainly stood out against the traditional sea of black, red, and blue coats on the Capitol steps.

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The Swiss wool lace and French silk outfit was designed by Cuban-born American designer Isabel Toledo, who said she wanted to convey a sense of optimism. "For me, yellow represents hope," Toledo said. "It really feels like freshness to me. I wanted to capture optimism, I wanted it to feel happy."

'That color has sunshine in it,' she said. 'I fell in love with it. So did she.'(source)

P.S. for those of you who were wondering if she was freezing without a real coat, the upper part of the coat and the back of the sleeve were lined with a pashmina for extra warmth.