Birthday traditions

I'm back from New Mexico, and had a fantastic time. Thanks for all your great suggestions for my trip.
The skies in the southwest are completely amazing, and seem to go on forever. I'll put together some posts on wonderful colors of the region just as soon as I get a chance.

A birthday tradition I treasure is one my husband and I started years ago when we first moved in together. Instead of store-bought gifts, we give each other hand-made birthday "crowns" for our special days. They have gotten more and more elaborate each year. The idea is to make a crown that encompasses some personal or joint experience from that year. This was the crown I created for my husband this year, depicting the journey we have taken over the past 7+ years for his education. A loosely-interpreted yellow brick road and emerald city. The yellow velvet fabric road represented hope and the pursuit of wisdom (life experiences can sure give you that). The emerald city (those green sparkles stick to everything!) was the "destination".

My husband's crown for me was a tad more technically-complex. Since we moved across the country back to CA this past year, mine was an interpretation of the bay area, complete with 3 bridges and several landmarks that lit up in the dark with LED's. (Treasure Island isn't really that big, but he had to fit my head in somewhere!)
Here you can see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Richmond Bridge, and a bit of San Francisco. Yup, that "ocean water" is green shimmery jello! Little styrofoam balls created the pockets to represent waves. I was blown away.

Do you have any fun traditions you've created for birthdays?