Black ceilings go the distance

While perusing my favorite daily reads, I stumbled upon this fantastic bathroom make-over. ('before' shots here)
The thing that struck me the most was the black ceiling- it completely erases the boundaries of where the room ends, and gives the illusion of much more space than is actually there.
In the owner Anna's own words,
"The bathroom is only about 5×6 feet, but the ceiling is more than 10 feet high! By carrying the white paneling and wall tiles to a uniform 8 foot height and then painting the upper portion of the walls and ceiling black, I was able to give the room a greater feeling of width and space. It’s an illusion that really works. I can’t believe how much more spacious the room feels now!"(source)
By incorporating black flooring, the space is grounded and cohesive.
images source
So, when you're looking for a solution to make a space look and feel bigger, don't rule out black. It really can work wonders.