All things mini

I have a soft spot in my heart for miniatures. I don't know why, I've just always been drawn to tiny things- little dollhouse furniture, mini tools, baby corn... If it's small, you're certain to get an "aw" from me.
"Toys represent a microcosm of man’s world and dreams.
They exhibit fantasy, imagination, humor and love.
They are an invaluable record and expression of man's ingenious unsophisticated imagination.
-Alexander Girard
While in Santa Fe, we visited the Museum of International Folk Art, where they had the puppet exhibit I wrote about earlier. On permanent display at the museum was an ENORMOUS collection of toys, traditional arts, village scenes, textiles, and other art collected by Alexander and Susan Girard. And talk about a colorful exhibit!Even the ceiling beams have colorful accents. No sterile white gallery space here. They spent their lives traveling around the globe and collecting. And boy, did they ever collect. We're not talking a trinket here, and a little object there. On their honeymoon, they traveled to Mexico and returned with a carload of dolls, toy, and things for their home.

With 100,000 objects, entire village scenes can be represented. Dolls are not just displayed on the shelf with nice lighting- they are placed in a scene, creating little worlds.

There are over 100 countries represented in the exhibit which Girard designed personally to showcase the art objects. The amount of energy that must have gone into the creation of this exhibit is mind-boggling. Every piece is placed in an appropriate environment.

Astonishingly, only 10% of the full collection is on display- there's still 90% in storage somewhere! I say they need to put together a traveling exhibit so everyone can enjoy the collection.