Up for a make-over challenge?

Feel like trying you hand at color designer for a day? Of course, if that's what you do already, please share your ideas, too! I'll give you the pieces of a recent project I just completed, and you can play around with how you'd solve the problem. Once everyone weighs in, I've reveal what my final design looked like. (no fair cheating if you're a local!)

Got your paint chips ready, and designer hat on?

This small, private, bilingual elementary school was ready for a make-over. Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, it was about to get some major exposure due to the much-anticipated arrival of a large specialty supermarket that was being built across the street. The elementary school campus was comprised of several disparate buildings cobbled together:
a Tudor revival house in front,
and an industrial "L" shaped building behind. (what else could you call this style?)

Nothing went together, and the dingy sage green tones of the little house certainly didn't communicate the unique and wonderful qualities the school had to offer.
The industrial building in the back has all sorts of weird angles and nooks, like this corridor. And nothing lined up, architecturally.
Here is a street-side views. You can just barely see the main building on the far left.
And for added surprise, here is the school's playground. Rumor has it, one weekend, an enterprising parent took it upon his or herself to select and paint the orange and purple wall you see here. Basically, absolutely nothing went together.

Things we know:

The bilingual school is over 30 years old, has a reputation of academic excellence, and is located in the Calfornia bay area, just outside San Francisco. The school's logo is blue and orange.

Things we learned about their desired message
(after the client filled out an extensive branding questionnaire)
nurturing, warm, secure
sense of community
self-confidence in children
affluent families from 47 different nationalities

So, given that information and the buildings themselves, how would you make-over the school? What colors would you chose? Where would you put them? How would you back-up your design decision?

Have some fun with this! If you are tech savvy and want to link to a mock-up or email me pictures at [rachel.perls (at) gmail (dot) com] , I will post them, too.