Color, the Missoni way

Missoni started out as a iconic global fashion brand. The Italian fashion house is famous for its unique knitwear, made from a variety of fabrics in colorful patterns.

It has now been developed into a lifestyle brand, complete with its own hotel chain in the works. Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh is quintessential "Missoni". Here are some images from their hotel site, for your eye-candy enjoyment
I love this: "Bathrooms are designed to be truly beautiful and functional spaces, boldly coloured, the Missoni way." It's bold, for sure. I'd love to see the whole space to see how these colors are tied together. Violet wowsers.
I think the bag totally makes this picture. Put your thumb over it, and it feels unbalanced. Does this mean we get the bag if we rent this room? ;-)
Or how about this one? "Based on a deeper understanding of the influences and ideas that create comfort, impact, usefuless and bring out a feeling of 'rightness.' "
"Rightness"? What exactly is that? I'm curious as to where and how they have developed this deeper understanding of what creates comfort. Any psychology of color in there?
Love the table linens, especially paired with the bright fuscia sidebar.
Head over to HD Inspirations for an more of a peak at more fabulously colorful spaces within the hotel.

Have you been to a fabulously colorful hotel lately?