What I want for X'mas

I think I have discovered the ULTIMATE gift for a color-lover. Ready for this?
500 Pencils, shipped to you in sets once a month. Like the most divine fruit basket subscription, only better! They come 25 at a time over the course of 20 months, or you can order acrylic display cases and get 4 units every month for 5 months. Imagine getting these babies in the mail every month- how cool would that be?
There are 4 different display options ranging from Aurora, for museum-like displays,

to Flower Vases, for color-coded arrangements of pencils (Now there's a fantastic idea for someone who loves color and is an artist. Skip the flower corpses and opt for a bouquet of colored pencils!) Orchestra is wall-mounted like Aurora, but more practical so you can actually -use- the pencils.Color Wave is an ever-changing sculptural element; play around with how you want to display the pencils.

Roll over the pencils on the site to see their names. Butterscotch or Barbados, the names are as visceral as the colors themselves!

These are limited editions, so I don't know how long they'll be available. Now I must wipe the drool from my chin and start dropping my husband not-so-subtle hints that this is the gift for me!

Thanks for the introduction via Haft2Know