What makes an "expert"?

If you've been following Design Star on HGTV, you know that Jen, the "color expert", was booted off the show last week. There is quite a bit of rumbling going on about what made her an "expert".
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Some snippets from the discussion boards:
Exactly what is a color expert? Does she mix paint or something? Big Grin

Maybe a color expert is someone who can name all the colors correctly? Big Grin

Hmmm...being a "color expert", one of only "a hundred" in the country, implies that one has spent a lot of time and trouble studying color and its effects. Unfortunately, knowing a lot about a topic, and actually applying that knowledge, are two different things. So far, what shows up to me is a lack of experience in applying her knowledge...we'll see...

I had never heard of it (like many other things) so I looked it up.
I think that 4 seminars, that last 2-4 days, is a bit of a short time, to know all about color!
So, that's the sentiment on the boards. I've also heard that there were statements made comparing the IACC training to Haverhill Staging training. Yikes, now there's a misunderstanding. But evidently, those comments were deleted by the editors.

What do you think? What makes someone a true "expert"? Should there be qualifiers?