Why you should never use green lighting

I have a guilty pleasure to admit to- I sometimes indulge in trashy reality tv shows. But, it sure is fabulous material for blogging about afterwards. Did anyone catch the Bachelorette this season? Watching "After the Final Rose" last Tuesday night, I was HORRIFIED by the sets designed for this 'debriefing' episode with a studio audience. The sets are usually jam packed with candles, heavy fabric draped everywhere... gotta push for that sense of intimacy, right?

Here's last season, same set, but red floor. Looks a bit like a crime scene to me...But this time, words cannot begin to describe how hideous the set was.First and foremost, who came up with the brilliant idea to use a light-up floor...in green? As you can see, the green light is so overpowering that everything has a green cast to it. (under jaw lines, back of chair, etc)
You can especially see it as the guests are sitting down- see her green face?

image source
Not a good look for anyone short of the Wicked Witch of the West. Carnal rule of thumb with color and lighting- green is not a flattering color on skin tones. That's why people often have an aversion to green bathrooms- it will make you appear sallow.

I cringe to imagine how they came up with that brilliant idea. My suggestion, go back to the drawing board, guys. Maybe even hire a lighting designer who knows a thing or two about color.