Traveling the world in search of color knowledge

My color organization, the IACC-NA, is an associate member of the AIC, or International Color Association. While their website may be a bit dated, (cringe!) their data is cutting edge. We get regular updates about what's going on in the bigger world of color, and get to drool over international conferences we could only dream of attending (who has the money these days?)

Here's a little taste for you color foodies of the conference theme this coming year in Mar Del Plata, Argentina:
"Color in food is a new theme for an AIC meeting. A variety of topics will be presented from technology to design, including architecture, biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, as well as social and economic aspects. related to the production and consumption of food, such as: colorimetry, color & appearance, advertisement, color technology, lighting, color communication, color instrumentation, commercial architecture, consumer expectations, color chemistry, color design, color preferences, color physics, packaging, color psychology, inasmuch as these aspects are related to food.

The conference will be held at Hotel Dos Reyes, downtown, 300 meters from the seashore. "
Ahh, doesn't that sound divine?