Palettes to represent a city

Brisbane, Australia has a new logo, and a branding package to go along with.
Think for a moment about how you would brand your city with a color palette. What would you want to capture about it? San Francisco would definitely have some grays for fog, some blues for the bay... a soft muted palette, I would imagine.

Brisbane has the following new identity:In short, Brisbane is "clear blue skies", "bright sunshine", "natural surroundings", and "vibrant, exciting, optimistic" brights.
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Marketers for Brisbane explain, "The colours reflect the optimism, creativity and functionality of Brisbane, it’s people, it’s businesses, it’s spaces underpinned by its sustainable yet progressive environment" (source)

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Hm, any Australian readers out there want to weigh in? Do you think the colors successfully capture the character of their brand promise?

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