Who says pink is just for girls?

As we get closer and closer to the birth of our daughter (my due date is June 4th, our wedding anniversary, of all days!) I am noticing more and more the division of gender-specific colors available for baby stuff. 
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Officially sanctioned "boy colors" versus "girl colors", girls have a lot of leeway, while there seems to be a bit of paranoia about feminizing boys.
Just the other day, my friend was worrying that her son is really enjoying wearing his big sister's sparkly pink shoes a bit too much.
But take a look in the stores, and you'll see violet ties and work shirts for men flooding the racks.
Not convinced?
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What about the new special edition Dodge Challenger muscle car in 'Furious Fuchsia'? Chrysler describes it as an updated version of Panther Pink and Moulin Rouge, colors available in 1970 and which enjoy a fan following today.

So much about a color's "gender-specification" is transient. As our society changes and adapts to cultural influences, so does our perception of a color's 'designation'. Can you think of other colors whose cultural designation/symbolism has changed in your lifetime?