Take a slice out of cultural colors

This is kinda cool. It's a chart that attempts to map color associations according to cultures. Info-graphics are so useful, don't you think?

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For instance, (according to this chart) what colors are associated with Happiness?
Western culture: yellow
Hindu cultures: green
Native American: white
Asian: red

You can even download a google-based spreadsheet of the data.

The designer explains that the circular chart, while difficult to read, was an aesthetic decision he made on purpose to encourage people to dig into the information and be coaxed into exploring the data.

First thing I always ask is, "where did they get their data?". As you know, with the world wide web, you never really know if reputable, comprehensive data is being gathered, or if cut and paste mis-information is being spread. This project seems to be a little of both. Luckily, the designer was quite transparent with his sources (thank you!):  color matters, every joe, about.com,  and books by John Gage and Leatrice Eisemann. I do appreciate that the designers realize this is just the tip of the iceberg, and ask readers,
HELP We’ve painted with a pretty broad brush. So there’s likely to be local variations or glitches. So if you spot any, or have you have references and sources for other colour meanings around the world, please send them over or comment
All in all, it's a great start for trying to visualize cultural differences in color associations.