Guest Post: An Ode to Yellow

Our guest blogger today is Ellen Reed. With a background in art and history, followed by a stint as a flight attendant, she is now a photographer, blogger, poet and handbag designer. Quite the Renaissance woman. Here's a little bit about her, in Ellen's own words.
I have always been seeking creative ventures. As a photographer, the world has opened up for me. I am in such great admiration of the women photographers whose blogs I follow. The digital world is a playground too large for me to comprehend, but I love it! I am a wife, mother, step-mother, friend, mentor, advisor, daughter, and artist. I am so fortunate, that I find it difficult to explain to others the depth of my gratitude.

An Ode to Yellow
By Ellen Reed
Mellow yellow...
Sunny yellow...
Pale yellow...
Lemony yellow...
Ribbon yellow...
I am curious, yellow...

How do I love thee, yellow?
Let me count the ways...
(sorry WS!)

The tulips in the spring,
A lollipop so tangy
it makes my tongue sting.

The sunshine, smiley face 
that dominated 
the late 60's.

The school bus that was faded 
from so many miles delivering 
in the hot southern sun.

Yellow can be irritating 
if found in your laundry of whites.
And more so, if your newspaper 
was left out to fry in the noonday rays.

But the yellow 
I speak of so glowingly...
is the yellow of young children's hair 
in the sunshine.

It is the pale yellow of cream
It is the yellow 
of lemon sherbet
"nanner buddin".

It is sweet with a tang.
It smiles at you from across the room.
It is friendly,
and at times,

It is never haughty
or presumptuous
and never demands
your attention.

It is
in it's gesture,
with an outstretched hand
to welcome you.

It is the color 
of ballpark mustard
at the ol' ball game.

We make
lemonade out of 
the lemons life hands us.
And so it is 
with yellow,
the most positive 
of colors.


What are -your- associations with yellow? Any fabulous yellow memories?

All images copyrighted Ellen Reed