2011 color trends- where's the fire?

...Or is it all smoke and mirrors?

I like this quote I just read in Landor's 2011 Trend Report
"Color trends are fleeting and ephemeral; color connections, told through compelling design stories that speak to the consumer’s heart, mind, and soul, are the future of color direction." (source)
 image source
Fire appears to be the new color story of the moment. Fiery passion towards sustainability, hope, and new goals. I do snicker a bit at their call to action, though:
"The coming year will challenge brands to set themselves on fire with passion. The brands that come alive with honest, intense warmth and understanding will succeed in attracting customers to their tribal fire."(source)
How exactly is this new color theme to be played out in merchandising by multi-billion dollar corporations? (says she with just a hint of skepticism)

Any brand experts out there want to weigh in on where color is headed?

(thanks Jane for the tip!)