Can white boxes support color?

Everywhere I look these days, I see examples of white spaces hosting brightly colored furniture and accessories. I know, I know, you probably think this is the beginning of yet another anti-white walls rant. But honestly, I just want to open this topic up for discussion.

Here are some examples. Do you think they work?
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Skype's new office digs in Stockholm. The architecture firm was charged with "expressing the Skype brand’s playful spirit and its mission to connect the world in the working environment." So, how does that compute that the furnishings do not relate to their environment, instead, float within it?

Here's another example from my latest wonderful new find, The Cool Hunter, based out of Australia.  Here, the attention is drawn inward to the brightly colored clothing display cubes. I do like how the angular shapes repeat in the glass block windows and architectural elements within the room.

What do you think about white boxes? Yay or nay?