Markus Linnenbrink

I originally saw this artist's work featured in an Apartment Therapy post about staying in cool hotels.
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I noticed the drippy striped walls and went hunting for more details. The hotel featuring these uber cool walls is the Arte Luise Kunsthotle in Berlin.  Each of the 48 rooms was designed by an artist, most from Berlin, who has "created scenarios that go beyond their work in the studio and reflect on the time, place, and situation of the traveler. The entire room is taken into consideration, usually including the furniture and other decorations."(source)

Markus's work is in high demand; he is represented across the world from San Francisco to Korea.
His characteristic "oozing and streaked hues of vivid colour"

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His epoxy resin on panels are so whimsical, I just want to reach out and touch them.

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