Public Relations & Sales: A Showroom That Does It All

As a designer, having your line in a showroom is critical. Buyers can purchase your product and place it in stores for you, but the question is…how are you going to get customers to wantit?

Enter public relations. Sometimes having a great product in top stores is enough, but generating buzz around it so people come to stores already looking for the collection is even better!

Many public relations firms send their clients to showrooms for sales, where an additional relationship must be established. Likewise, a showroom is great in itself, but if it has a public relations component, then you're set. A showroom with a built in public relations division leaves no need for the client to go elsewhere. It's easily done all in one place.

After all, public relations and sales go hand and hand right? It seems essential to have them under the same umbrella. Press is vital to sales and vice versa. More people are going to want to purchase a piece of jewelry when it's featured in Vogue- thanks to the work of PR pitching and sending samples to editors. If it's good enough for Vogue then consumers find it perfect for themselves. By consistently being in the media, you are showing customers that your brand is worthy of being in the news-- which goes a long way in terms of marketing and sales results.

Plus, creating an image for a brand helps beat out the competitors, sustain a marketable presence, and therefore increase sales! Publicists know how to "tell a story" about your brand. Creating an altogether story and branding image behind your collection is more appealing to a buyer, who will likely keep the designer in mind. Luckily, the designer will have a PR team alongside the sales team to tell that story.

It's perfect because the PR firm already has all of the client's information and has already reached a level of trust and partnership with them. There's no need for designers to go to a showroom and endure the process of acquainting someone new with the brand- saving both time and money.

A showroom is just as important for publicity. Without a space to display your collection you have nowhere to invite editors to see it, and nowhere for samples to be requested from. Combining the two is both logical and beneficial. Why have your clients running back and forth when it can all be handled at once?

NL Showroom recognizes the benefits of bringing these services together. Under one firm, we make establishing a brand easier for the designer.