For the Frugal Fashionista

If you are anything like us at NL Collective you are probably right in the middle of filing your taxes and wondering where did all your income go last year. Okay, we admit to splurging one too many times to feed our shopping habit but there is no way that we are spending all of our income in shoes and purses. Realistically (and statistically) Americans spend far too much money on food and gifts. Can you believe it?

Sure McDonald’s dollar menu will hardly burn a hole in anyone’s pockets but it is the little things that are occupying most of your budget. In 2009 the average household spent close to $3,000 only on fast food and other restaurants, quite an increasing figure compared to a measly $1762 in 1989. Whether you care to accept it or not food away from home takes up an impressive 5.3% of your expenses and that’s only a fraction of the total 12.9% we spend on food including what we eat at home.

Other than eating away our money where else are we spending our hard-earned American dollars? Not only do we enjoy spending money on ourselves, apparently we enjoy gifting so much that it takes up 2.2% of our expenses. The average American spends over $1000 a year in gifts including housing, apparel, and entertainment items.

Of course the average consumer is spending their paychecks on essentials such as housing and transportation but it is the little unnecessary things that we need to cut back on this year and consider saving for a rainy day. Maybe we don’t have to dine out multiple times a week and your friends wont hate you if you gift them more affordable items for their birthday. After all it’s the thought that counts!

Cutting down on burgers and gifts is not the only way you can save a few pennies this year. NL Collective has a few tips for the frugal fashionista who just can't afford not to look the par.

Celine Spring 2012
Chanel Spring 2012
Givenchy Spring 2012

The best way to save money without looking like it is to recycle your wardrobe as the seasons change. Think twice before sending your blazers and cardigans to storage this year because we have several of way you can wear those winter basics in the spring.

Style your blazer with a spring top 

Purple Ginger Wildcat tie-front 

Wear your crop sweaters with a skirt

Purple Ginger beatnik crop

Wear your Trench and Pea coats over a dress 

Purple Ginger nouvelle vague 
short sleeve trench