Nail Trend Crossover

Nail art is very common and trendy style of today’s fashion; manicure designs have taken a new route this season. Too many this trend isn’t new; in urban communities nail art has been a way of expressing individual style for years. SWV was a popular R & B trio in the 1990's, Coco their lead vocalist rocked this trend when it was frowned upon and called “ghetto”?   Now on the red carpet you see Rihanna, Fergie, Adele and Lady Gaga (just to name a few) sporting this look. It shows how these show-stopping nail art ideas have developed throughout the years.  Fashion types have been falling all over themselves for funky manicures lately, from simple to uber-sophisticated, which ever creative direction you want to take, the nail art trends will be difficult to resist.

Women around the globe look to designers’ runway looks for inspiration. The number of designers completing their looks with nail fashion shows how popular this obsession become. This season is all about color, so update your manicure right along with you clothing by choosing the most fun and flirty pastel tones as they can be mixed and matched to perfection.

Whether your rocking a stiletto/pointy shaped nails trend (which is characterized by a lovely pointy shape that extend fingers) or a bedazzled nail trend experience these show-stopping spring nail art ideas to land in the spotlight. Who wouldn’t love to put their favorite childhood storybook or retro cartoon characters on their nails?  Not only are these looks fabulous they are FIERCE for pointing at people.

So we here at NL Collective Group wanted to have a little fun with this trend. We matched up some nail art we thought would go great with some of our designers collections.

Kristin Hanson ring paired with a hot pink 
and polka dot nail art design

Divka dress with a color-block nail art design

Moe 12,  flirty baby pink color with
 polka dot and a cute bow

Julia deVille ring

This look is perfect for any season and if you will design your nails in a way of this floral style, you will be a diva of any party and get together.