Trends: Loungewear lovers rejoice

Rarely is it respectable to wear sweats outside the gym. Similarly, if you wear pajamas outside your home, you’re likely to get more than one disapproving look. But what if being seen on the street in sleepwear was not only acceptable, but also fashionable?

Dolce & Gabanna

This is the direction current trends are heading, so lovers of comfortable pants rejoice. From The Row to Michael Kors, designers are embracing loungewear and turning to soft, sensual fabrics for their creations. The jammie-inspired designs have already been seen on the streets, and the bold, eye-catching prints say anything but “I’m just running errands.”

The Row

Louis Vuitton 

Not even footwear is safe. Many designers are creating slippers for their 2012 collections to be shuffled around in outside the bedroom. Louis Vuitton even made a helmet in the same blue leopard print their boudoir designs were stitched in. Just in case you need to make a late night milk run on your mo-ped.

Xuan-Thu Ngeuyn showed off several new pajama-inspired looks for this next season, which are perfect for easing into this trend. While they still have the look of loungewear, the fabrics are still structured. The prints aren’t wild, but the navy pin stripes are reminiscent of classic sleepwear.

Xuan-Thu Ngeuyn

Xuan-Thu Ngeuyn

Peter Copping of Nina Ricci combined lingered inspired pieces with heavy robe-coats. The heavy look could be found in the bedroom, but thanks to today’s trends would not be out of place on 5th Avenue. And although many find him decrepit and tacky, it’s safe to say Hough Heffner is back in style. At least until next season.