Vampire-chic grips sanguiophiles

Alfredo Angelo

Over $200 million has been spent at the box office so far for "Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1", the second to last installment of the Twilight series. Millions of viewers watched Bella marry Edward in a Carolina Herrera crepe satin and French Chantilly lace gown, and immediately fell in love with the dress, which featured 152 buttons and a sheer back. Of course the imminent demand for the vampire-chic dress spurred several designers to create replicas for the Twihards hoping to emulate their heroine on their own wedding day.

Alfredo Angelo designed an exact replica with a much smaller price tag ($799 vs an estimated $35,000) as well as replicas of the character's bridesmaid's dresses. Presently, this is the first on the market, but just like Carrie Brandshaw's dress in the Sex in the City movie, more are sure to follow very soon.

Interview with a Vampire

True Blood

Not as dark and disheveled as gothic trends, the vampire-inspired looks combine old-world sophistication and shapes with intricate detailing. The original vampire, Dracula, was always depicted in a black and white suit. There was a juxtaposition to his character; murderous monster on the inside, classy gentleman on the outside. This is what makes vampire-chic so appealing why is is so appealing to many people. Staple fabrics are lace, satin and chiffon in whites, reds, and of course, black. Shapes for women are flowey and elegant, and men's wear is structured and tailored. And fans of Twilight and other vampire shows like True Blood and the Vampire Diaries are buying up the pieces that remind them of their favorite characters, and designers who appeal to this desire of theirs are being thrust into the spotlight.
Julia deVille

Julia deVille's jewelry collection may reflect death, but they're carefully crafted and made from quality materials with a very specific look . Because it's the small details that make the vampire look special, jewelry is the quickest way to appeal to consumers looking to pull it off.

While vampires may appear sexy and seductive in popular culture, it's still important that what makes them different from their human counterparts is their need and desire to drink the blood of the living. This is why red is such an important color in vampire-chic, especially as an accent. Young&ng's Blood Cell cuff not only mimics the intricate circulator system, but also has small, red Swarovski crystal accents. It's dark glamour - exactly what sanguiophiles are searching for when attempting this look.



The draping and hanging of Verlaine's dresses and tops display the classic elegance that defines vampire-chic. A mixture of heavy fabrics and airy movement create a magical look and surround the wearer with old-world mystique. It's important to pay attention to the cut and shape of a garment when working towards this look, since it needs to be both sexy and dark. It's all about showing just enough to temp, but not enough to reveal.