Wide-Legged Pants are What’s Happenin’

You may have not been alive during the 70’s (here at NL Collective Group, most of us weren’t!) but you probably know what trend rocked that decade above all else: bell-bottoms. And now, that trend is back, but with a flare. Wide-legged pants are a slightly wider version of the 70’s trend, and they’re taking over runways, fashion showrooms, and retail stores (and have been making the bottom halves of women look fabulous) everywhere. Skinny pants are classic and will never go out of style, but unlike skinny pants, wide-legged pants look fabulous on every body type, and can be branded and marketed in fashion sales to every woman. They’re chic, clean, and classic. The dynamic fashion industry is ever-changing and fluctuating, but some trends come full circle. Wide-legged pants are no longer limited to just the disco and boogie nights, but are now perfect for date nights and even the workplace. Luxury designers Tommy Hilfiger, Dries van Noten, Jason Wu, Christian Dior, and Marc Jacobs all have their take on the resurrected trend. From patterns, to plain, to bold colors, the pants come in lots of different forms. Luxury brand Gene has their own branded versions of the wide-legged pants as well. Wide-legged pants are everything you could ever want in a wardrobe staple—versatile, flattering, chic, relevant, and for all you 70’s buffs out there… groovy.

Tommy Hilfiger

Dries van Noten

Jason Wu

Christian Dior

Marc Jacobs