Fashion Industry Behind the Scenes: The Dark Side

Here at NL Collective Group, we work with fashion designers from all over the world. We understand the ins and outs of fashion design, including how much time, effort, and money can go into a single garment of clothing or a lone piece of jewelry. To these designers, their collections are literally their lives. Designers spend years, and not to mention thousands of dollars, in order to have their line ultimately end up all over runways, fashion showrooms, or retail stores everywhere. Ever wonder how the powerhouses of the fashion industry made it to the top? Simply through lots and lots of hard work, blood sweat, tears and chiffon. As previously mentioned, one handcrafted and sewn sample garment or one piece of jewelry most likely took hours to craft and lots of money to make. And these samples can be very, very delicate. Magazines or other fashion editorial or marketing publications may approach designers or brands in order to borrow a single sample for a photo shoot or editorial, which is obviously excellent press. However, sometimes, samples are damaged or completely destroyed by careless stylists or other people who may be handling the pieces. This may seem like a minor issue (it’s only one sample after all) but to a designer, this can be the end all of end alls. This one single sample took so much time and energy and money and probably lots of “start-overs” to make. The bottom line is, when you break a designer’s piece, you’re basically breaking his or her heart. And unfortunately, a lot of the time, when the samples are damaged or broken, they’re not replaced, which causes a potentially struggling designer even more money and time they don’t have. There are many struggles that go into becoming a successful fashion designer that us non-fashion designers can’t even fathom, but destroyed samples thanks to careless fashion industry authorities? Come on. That’s just unfashionable. So this goes out to all the designers out there. We know how hard you work and we appreciate you, and we promise from the bottom of our big, clothes-loving hearts that we will always treat your samples and clothes and beautiful jewelry with the same care you put into making it all.

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