Sneak Peek! Blake Andrews Photo Shoot

Here at NL Collective Group, we know A LOT goes into a great photo shoot. You need your stunning model, your beauty crew (hair, makeup, the works), a renowned photographer, a unique location, and most importantly of all, an amazing clothing collection by a great designer. The Blake Andrews photo shoot on June 28th had all the makings to be immaculate. And it was. Luxury brand Blake Andrews is all about simplicity and elegance, and the clothing exudes it. In the newest collection, the clothes are especially chic and exquisite. We noted lots of soft silhouettes and warm colors. Blake Andrews is a newly blossoming brand, and like most of the powerhouses in the fashion industry, will soon be popping up all over runways, showrooms, and retail stores everywhere. The clothes are relevant and classic; perfect for marketing and branding to every kind of woman (and fashionista) out there. Basically, we love it! And thanks to someone on our team snapping some backstage pictures at the photo shoot, we get a sneak peek at what’s to come from the amazing Blake Andrews.

The hair and makeup team did an amazing job.

Love this dress!

And obviously no real photo shoot is complete without the refreshments!