Academic Regalia As Well As A Quick Overview On Its Meaning

By Allex Oneil

Typically, there are 3 varieties of academic regalia. They are composed of the bachelor's, master's and also doctorate. The doctoral regalia include doctorates like law (J.D.) and medicine (M.D.). Identifying one from the other can be simple. Each has its own particular attribute that tends to make it unique for the particular academic level. The sleeves of the gown differ as the bachelor's have pointed sleeves while the master's feature oblong-shaped sleeves. Bell-shaped sleeves are distinct for the doctoral. The hood also varies in length and width. The length for the bachelor's is 3 feet, for the master's it is 3.5 feet and the doctoral has a 4 feet long hood. The bachelor's and master's also have a mortarboard for the head. The doctoral uses a tam designed of velvet textile. The color of the stoles and cords likewise differ based on the degree, educational honor or organization a graduate holds or is a member of.

The colors relating to the degrees are the following:

Economics - Copper






Fine Arts (which includes Architecture)-Brown



Science-Bright Gold

Social Work-Citron


Library Science-Lemon Yellow

Medicine-Hunter Green

Oratory (Speech)-Silver-Gray

Pharmacy-Olive Green

Philosophy-Rich Royal Blue

During the Medieval times, the gown wasn't intended to differentiate the specific degree a student has attained. It was merely used as a school uniform or perhaps to stand for the school in formal activities. The custom of using the gown is observed from the custom in Europe during the early centuries where the clergy used a comparable robe for the religious rites. The same robe was designed for use by students in the medieval universities. It is actually in Europe exactly where formal education was initially founded.

The faculty regalia was basically for the master's degree only during those time. At this time, the bachelor's and master's had been the only degrees for higher education. At the time when the doctorate degrees were established there were distinctions made to clearly tell apart a student's educational achievement. There existed a bachelor's, master's and doctoral academic regalia.

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The academic regalia have long been a custom of educational triumph. As many years pass by, its characteristics get modified to match the present times. Even with these adjustments the real meaning of the items continues to resound in each and every graduation ceremony.

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