Dip dye ombre hair trend

By Sisi Tsoi

As the Summer inch closer (OK, they are meant to be here now but we do live in the UK) you happen to be getting started with regards to what to do with your locks for the hotter months of the year. As we dream of festivals, trips to the beachfront and Pimms on the lawn, a modification to our mop is a common element of the shift. For getaway time it usually is something laid-back and breezy, but a little more inspired. Dip-dyed - also called ombre - hair is an effective way to produce just a little fun without having to get a sweeping cut; also, the great thing is it doesn't have to be permanent.

For a summery, relaxed look check out the likes of Rachel Bilson and Jessica Biel. These wonderful ladies have kept their natural colorings then again weaved in honey and caramel notes, while also provoking their waves to casual, yet glamorous flawlessness. It's gradually more directional than highlights, with two tones giving hair that grown out and soft feel for a loving, hippy summer time. Jessica Alba, meanwhile, has added in understated blonde strands that accentuate the wonderful thing about her gorgeous chocolate mane. Drew Barrymore demands a look that's a little more intense, with the addition of a larger contrast between the two tones. She still keeps that hippy vibe, now and then adding a braid or fishtail plait for an additional bohemian effect

As for the people who are feeling far more daring, it can be attractive to add an aberrant shade to your tresses. You will discover that there are subtler techniques than others ,eg Jan Jones ' cute lock of baby pink, or Lauren Conrad's peachy waves. Both complement their natural colors but bring a genuine playfulness to their regular neutral styles.

Then there are folks that give this look their all; these ventures are not for the faint-hearted and yet are uncomplicated to pull off with full confidence and the right attitude. Jessie J famously rocks her blunt fringe with various over the top colours whilst Kate Bosworth has gone all out with an aqua-tipped effect for fashion forward fierceness. Model Charlotte Free has made a style trademark out of her bleached and pink grunge locks, with designers clambering to book her for their shows to merge couture with street fashion for sensational effect.

You are probably wondering if this fashion trend isn't for you, but there sincerely can be something for everyone in the ombre range. Whether your hair is short, long, light, dark, straight or kinked, there's certain to be something you can add to put a new bounce in your step. Don't let the mad colors shock you off ; the natural beach galvanized effects are quite as fascinating and simple to achieve. And if you do like the appearance of the brighter shades but worry about standing out too much at your job - do not be concerned semi-permanent brands such as Directions, CGI effects and Stargazer can go on for only a few washes dependent on how you care for it. Do it, be your own hair icon!

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