Edwin Jeans: Comfortable, Stylish, and Durable

By Clark Ferguson

It was the year 1947, when a man living in Japan had an idea to start his own jean making company. Mr. Tsunemi was his name, and ever since he was a little boy he always had a strong passion for denim. One of Mr. Tsunemi's first moves was to import denim from the United States to Japan, mainly due to the fact that no denim was being made in Japan at this time.

Four years later, determined to succeed in the denim making world, Mr. Tsunemi had successfully produced the first denim that Japan had ever seen. This denim was okay, but it wasn't nearly as high quality as American denim. This motivated Mr. Tsunemi even more to try and produce just as high, if not higher quality denim than America.

Years later in 1961, Mr. Tsunemi was making denim that was better than American denim. At last he had finally done it. He decided to brand his denim and give it the name, Edwin jeans.

A couple of years later, Edwin had manufactured the heaviest pair of ring spun denim blue jeans that the world had ever seen. These jeans boasted an original three-colour rainbow selvage, which is what the company is still using today.

But crafting the worlds heaviest ring spun denim isn't the only thing that Edwin is famous for. The company is also well known for coming up with the first "old wash" style of jeans, which is made to emulate unwashed and dirty looking denim.

Edwin was also responsible for the construction of both the 'stone wash' style and the 'new vintage' style. These new styles quickly spread throughout the jean making industry, which led rival company's to start coming up with their own unique washes.

To this day, Edwin is still making great quality, comfortable denim jeans for both men and women alike. There are numerous choices for customers to choose from, which come in an array of color options. Popular mens styles include the ED styles, as well as the Nashville.

Popular womens models include the Fit, Hardy, Tomboy, Angel, Billy, Bridget, and Alice. Each one of these styles, as with the mens styles, come in lots of color options. Additionally, all mens and womens jeans come in a wide range of fits.

No matter what sort of denim you're searching for, chances are that Edwin will have a pair of jeans to fit your own unique vibe. Edwin takes a great amount of pride in creating high quality, durable denim jeans and it shows with each pair they produce.

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