How Gold Plated Silver Jewelry Helps Trend Setters Stay On Budget

By Patrice McCoy

To be trendy these days, you need to change your accessories almost as often as you change outfits. That can get extremely pricey unless you look for ways to save money. The good news is that you can stay fashionable the affordable way by choosing gold plated silver jewelry.

The price for these products is lower because the metal that is most precious is applied only as a top layer. What's inside is made of less expensive material. However, the overall result gleams with high quality, and others may be jealous because they do not realize that you acquired the piece for considerably less than they would have imagined.

Brooches offer a myriad of ways to set yourself apart from the crowd. One example is to wear trousers with a brooch sitting just above the hip bone, the way models do. For a carefree look, you could sport one on a fashion-forward cap, or attach it to the collar of a heavy coat. Or, you might wrap a flowing scarf around your neck and secure it with a large jewel-encrusted pin. Of course, there is also the fallback position of wearing one on your shoulder, which looks terrific.

To complement a dress edged in lace and dotted with flowers, you could choose a thin, shiny chain that reflects light. Of all the necklaces worn by women, this is perhaps the one that best expresses their feminine side. When the objective is to make a bolder statement, sophisticates favor dresses without straps and fill the space with collar or bib-style pieces of jewelry that have greater heft.

Dressing casually often sparks a fanciful mood when it comes to accessorizing. This could translate into an anchor-shaped pendant to accompany nautical separates. Another option is to borrow natural images, like hummingbirds or dragonflies, and dangle them from chords made of silk to flatter a bohemian-style ensemble.

Nothing adds more polish to one's appearance than the appropriate earrings. For working hours, a conservative approach is recommended, unless your industry is known for embracing individuals who indulge in creative dressing. However, for fabulous nights out, there are few limits. Just be sure that the decorative items do not deflect attention away from your face, which should always be the focal point in the way you present yourself.

Men figure into the equation too. We often overlook how important image can be for fellows who are trying to work their way up the corporate ladder. Having the right accessories, like a golden-hued tie pin, can help keep them on track for a successful career.

There are several different ways to purchase gold plated silver jewelry. Buying over the internet is popular, because it is convenient and searches for products turn up thousands of possibilities you can peruse from the comfort of your own home. Some folks, however, like to touch personal items and try them on before they commit to buying, and this means making a trip to a bricks and mortar store.

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