Reasons For Embracing Offensive Shirts

By Rebekah Alford

Offensive shirts have emerged as a culture of people who are after the main goal of expressing certain messages. Various companies have also come up to take the opportunity of making what people will prefer most. Through their advertisements, the messages will have been spread wide and this has left more people coming on board. They later use them in demonstrations or events where a specific group is targeted.

The culture has been used to express messages through words and pictures. The pictures have been designed by use of computers so as to come up with nice looks. This has been taken by some people as a business venture due to their creativity. Some have even started companies for the shirts and have secured a wide market. The words can be either be quoted from what people said in the past or creatively written.

People belonging to a certain political movement will wear such shirts when articulating for their grievances. It has been quite harsh words being meted to the responsible party. When a popular person says something, it is the habit of people to twist the words to mean something different. An event can also be advertised through means of painting one as bad. This has been termed as unfair competition and business people have been asked to refrain from that.

Popularity has however been created out of the creation of nice looking designs of the offensive words. This is because people will attribute a certain design to the person. This can be through the creativity which makes people take delight in the words or graphic used. The messages may even be expressed in an initial which restricts a certain group from understanding what is being expressed.

Those with less abusive but rather funny characters have however been used just for fun. Children have also used the same which might be quite humorous and not completely offensive. Singers have also embraced the same beat, where they make the shirts for members of a certain band just to spark laughter from their fans.

With a big number being the youth, teenagers have also taken the move. This is as a result of induction from the parents or peer influence. They will thus use them during games or other competitions with other schools. Moreover, there are some measures put in place that it does not elicit enmity which can spark riots.

People have earned charges due to using them to the extreme cases. This is particularly when being too abusive and through a court a person is compensated. This has made the people to advance their knowledge in their human rights so as to keep such characters away. People who are not well versed with the law may thus have their rights being trampled on by others. Due to a political unrest that can be created, the government chips in to control the process.

Offensive shirts are popularly known to be used only when a certain mission is underway. People cannot just wear them when they have no agenda in mind. People also tend to preserve them for a long period of time just to keep stressing their opinions. In some places, they have been used successfully to condemn some sort of behavior which could be among a certain group of people.

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