The Effects Of Luxury Watches On Today's Society

By William David Henry

In the nineteenth century timers came in a rage and this has spilled over to the twenty first century. Seven out of every ten people have a fetish for these gadgets. Currently people own numerous of these as they reflect their dressing, mood, status or an event. These luxury watches can be grouped into basic, pseudo and high end lavish time gadgets.

These jewelries come in different shapes and sizes and are made to fit different personalities. Some are flashy and striking for those people who are trying to make a statement or want to be recognized. There are those that are sophisticated and polished. They have a classy effect to an outfit. All in all, they all have that unique style and finish.

These gadgets have a long life span unless a person purposely damages it. It possesses high quality and flair which is a good bargain for its value. On the other hand, this great quality and flair come at a costly price. One of these precious items may cost up to about a whole years salary for a middle income earner. This is why many people shy away from ever owning one.

These gadgets are a preserve for the rich, the famous and the powerful in society. They are produced in limited supply to create a demand for them. Here it is a play of the demand supply rule. From the craftsmanship to the designs to distribution, it is all geared towards ensuring the price remains ridiculously high.

The status and ego of an individual is boosted by these items because they were made for vanity. The features some of them possess are GPRS which shows the exact location of the wearer, a two way radio and some can even and writs mounted computer.

Luxury watches have been worn for decades for aesthetics, and some even for historic value. For some its the brand they are wearing. Some of these lavish time gadgets available in our time include Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Patek Philipe, Tag Heuer as well as Panerai.

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