The Timeless Beauty Of A Rose Gold Statement Necklace

By Patrice McCoy

Rose gold is a kind of precious metal that contains both yellow gold and copper in varying percentages. It is named after the reddish hue for which it is renown. It is used for a variety of purposes, including the production of musical instruments and as one would suspect, the manufacturing of jewelry. Consumers shopping for a lovely and original gift to buy for a special individual should give thought to a rose gold statement necklace.

Most people commonly think of such precious metals as either yellow or white. However, the darker, richer shade offered by the aforementioned option has gained considerable popularity over the past few years. The precious metal is usually created by alloying three parts yellow gold to one part copper. A bit more copper is used if the piece is being designed to feature a darker hue than is normally seen with this metal. Similarly, a small amount of silver can be added to the mix if a paler shade of rose is desired by the customer. The hue is entirely up to the consumer if the piece is being custom made.

A characteristic of this precious metal that many jewelry fans regard as beneficial is the fact that copper is more resistant to wear that the majority of precious metals available on today's market. Therefore, because of its copper content, rose gold offers exceptional longevity and will even outlast its white or yellow counterparts. Almost all shoppers enjoy buying jewelry that they know will resist wear and tear.

Although its price is similar to other precious metals, rose gold is often considered more rare. Experts state that this is either because it is usually made to order or there is just less of it being made overall. Regardless of which is the case, its rarity makes it a unique and beautiful gift choice, especially when one is shopping for a statement necklace.

There are numerous options with such pieces. If a person prefers something basic, such as a necklace featuring the name of the recipient, a custom made piece may not be necessary. However, it is often difficult to find unusual names on ready-made pieces.

Such necklaces can be made to showcase something that has a specific meaning to the wearer. This may be his or her favorite sport, animal, or even his or her zodiac symbol. Some people use such jewelry to make statements about the profession to which they are dedicated. Consumers may also wish to highlight a favorite hobby or a pastime to which they are devoted.

Some consumers even use such jewelry to voice their political opinions. Someone else may use a necklace of this type to display his or her religious convictions or beliefs. Statement necklaces can also be customized to showcase a certain cause or the logo of a worthy charity the wearer supports. Whether purchasing the piece for another individual or themselves, customers will find that their options are virtually limitless.

A rose gold statement necklace can be bought at a traditional jewelry shop or online. Those making their purchases via the Internet must be careful to select only a reputable vendor from whom to purchase the jewelry. Regardless of which style one chooses, such necklaces are perfect when a unique and interesting piece is desired.

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