This Is Why My Hunting Tees Are Important

By Vincent Thatcher

It almost seem like you can't get on the Internet these days without finding someone who is complaining about hunting, guns, or the abuse of animals. These people make accusations against hunters without really knowing anything about us or what we do. Everything they know about hunting, they learned from Disney movies. We are not the scary villains that kill the baby deer's mom. We are hunters who obey time-honored laws and traditions. We eat what we kill. We teach our children to honor nature. I wear my whitetail huntsman tees to remind me of all of these things.

Humans are killers by nature. I don't say this because I want to make myself seem like some dominating character out of literature, but because it is the simple truth. Human beings developed long ago to be one of the most terrible killers on the face of the earth. We have long, strong legs in proportion to the rest of our bodies that allow us to cover miles upon miles at a time. We may not be the fastest animals on earth, but we have some of the greatest endurance. We were made this way, and without hunting we would still be crawling through the mud and eating roots. The protein is what gave us our giant brains. I wear pro-hunting apparel because I understand the origins of our past.

Hunters love nature and everything she offers more than the average citizen of earth. Hunters appreciate what is given freely and are taught to only take what they can use. The average hunter looks at what careless people in cities do to the world and feel a pang of guilt for what their fellow humans are doing. When I enter the forest to hunt, I am overcome by the beauty of it and how grateful I am for everything God has given to us. The way we have squandered that gift breaks my heart. I wear my hunter t-shirts to mourn for the loss of the wild.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when deer bred, were born, and were killed by their natural predators. Humans were one of those predators, but there were others that are no longer in such plentiful numbers. Wolves, cougars, bears, and coyotes have all played their part in culling the quickly-reproducing deer. Now, there are really only us. If we did not curb over-population, deer would soon strip areas bare and be doomed to starvation during the winter months. I wear my hunting shirts because I care about the fate of my prey.

There is not a single person reading this article that doesn't have a special talent for killing prey for food and nourishment. It is simply how we were built. I understand that many have become too modernized to ever even care to get back to those special talents, but for all of our sakes...leave us alone who do. We are hunters, and we are good people who do good things in the world. I wear hunting t-shirts because I am proud of who I am.

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