Trendy dining room colors

10 years ago, everyone had red dining rooms, remember?

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But now, everyone is tired of all that red, and it looks dated.  So what are people asking for?

I have found, in my color consulting business, that when a client has lived with a saturated color for a while, they yearn for something completely different, and often head to the other end of the color spectrum. My theory is that perhaps the rooms aren't balanced, color-wise. If there is too much warmth, too much coolness, too light, too dark, etc people get antsy. It's human nature; we crave balance in our lives. Color is no exception.

Take my bedroom, for example. I felt compelled to repaint our baby blue walls pink. Granted, my husband selected the color, and I was never 100% on board with it (too periwinkle for my taste). I think I needing something warmer than all that cool, cool blueness. Speaking of which...

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So what are people asking for now? Why, it's blue, of course!


Here's a dining room makeover I did this past year.  From powdery gray blue all the way to deep inky navy, blues are being requested a lot these days.

What dramatic trend-changes have you noticed? Where do you think we'll go after all this gray that is oh so popular right now?